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Botin bonus clash of clans

how to get loot in clash of clans

1.1. From the WAREHOUSES you can steal/will steal, at most, 20% of what they actually contain, and never more than 198.000 units per village. That is, if the warehouses have in total more than 990.000 units (gold/elixir), at most you will steal/will steal 198.000 of these units.


a) If when you search for a rival, you find one with more than 198.000 gold/elixir, it means that their mines and extractors have gold and elixir. For example, if the opponent shows 420,000 gold, it means that, just by attacking his mines, you can extract 221,000 gold from his mines. Reconsider your attack strategy if you want to steal and make your troops profitable.

The difference in town halls is a bonus or a penalty on the amount you can steal from an opponent. Thus, SUPERCELL rewards your ability to steal resources from villages whose development is theoretically superior, and penalizes your loot if you steal from someone with a less developed village.

This bonus is for the attacker, and not a penalty for the attacked. This means that if someone has a 110% bonus, it does not mean that the attacked loses 110%, but that he only loses "what he loses", and it is SUPERCELL who grants this 110% bonus to the attacker.

clash of clans treasure chest

It is not possible to steal all the resources from your rivals. The percentage of resources you can steal from the village depends on the level of your opponent's town hall. If you attack a player with a low level town hall, the loot you can win will be less than when attacking someone of your level. If you attack someone with a higher level town hall, you can earn much more rewards.

The star bonus is available when five stars appear on the attack button. If you earn five stars in multiplayer battles, you will earn extra resources, which will be stored in your treasury.

maximum level of heroes in th10

Maybe if you play on Android you don't know Clash of Clans, one of those games that has millions of players and who enjoy it like crazy. The next update and first major update of 2016 is already being leaked through the Supercell forums by the game developers themselves. The new Clans of Clans update will bring new features aimed at resources, above all, such as a new star bonus for each attack, the treasury to store resources in the clan's castle and a loot that you will receive every time you are attacked that will also allow you to store some more resources.

clash of clans wagon

Smell that? It's the sweet smell of battle, boss! It's been 23 hours and you're ready. You now have 24 hours to battle. This is the day you attack, get those stars and walk to victory.

You have two attacks during the War and you can attack any base you want (you can't attack the same one twice, though). You'll get some suggestions of bases that are relatively similar to yours, but if you want to go for the big enemies, you can do that too. Remember: Strategy and coordination with your clan is key.

At the end of the day's battle, the winning clan is the one that gets the most stars. Easy, isn't it, but remember what we said about total destruction? Well, if the two clans get the same amount of stars, the one with the highest destruction percentage wins.

Tip: To better understand the progress of your clan (and the enemy clan) check the war statistics: you will see the number of attacks (attacks used / won / lost), attack statistics (average duration, average destruction and new stars per attack) and also the most heroic attacks and defenses.

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Botin bonus clash of clans

Botin bonus clash of clans

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Botin bonus clash of clans
Botin bonus clash of clans

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